How do I unclog my Disposable Vape or Cartridge?

Clogging of your Disposable Vape or Cartridge is completely normal, and happens with high quality Delta-8 distillate.
∆8 distillate occurs at a high density, and often needs extra warm up time especially when exposed to frequent light and temperature changes. But don’t panic, it’s a very easy fix! Read below and learn the best practices for keeping your Disposable Vape and Cartridges from clogging.

Storage - Storing your Disposable Vape and Cartridges at room temperature and standing up right is the easiest
way to prevent clogging.



Puff Puff, Don’t Pass - If you find that your Disposable Vape or Cartridge is not pulling, the easiest way to heat up and unclog it is by taking small (3 second) pulls (or puffs) from it until you feel airflow through the mouth piece. If you’re tasting your strain flavor, you’re on the right track.

This mouth sensation is similar to trying to suck a lemon seed through a straw. For those of you with experience, it's similar to
if you were lighting up a joint, blunt, cigar, or cigarette - the process of a few puffs or pulls to sufficiently light the area evenly is what you want to recreate.

After taking a few pulls to heat up your clogged pen and finding it's still clogged, latch your lips to the mouth piece and take a hearty pull (you’ll feel your cheeks suck in) for about 5 seconds or until you get airflow.

Last Resort - If you’re the type that isn’t the best at a strong pull, you might find that bringing your device to a heat source such as above a heat vent or radiator will warm it up sufficiently for airflow (this might take a while, see "Puff Puff, Don't Pass).