How Do I Recharge My Disposable Vape?


Sometimes a need to recharge is actually confused with a clogged vape. If the light comes on while you pull from your vape, it's usually safe to say it DOES NOT need to be charged. Clogging of your vape is completely normal, read some techniques on how to unclog it here.

Recharging your Disposable Vape is easy, all you need is a Micro USB male to USB male cord, any form of USB outlet,
and you’re on your way.

These cords are used for charging many types of devices such as wireless speakers, smart phones, wireless headphones, etc. If you don’t have a Micro USB male cord to USB male cord they can be purchased for very cheap. Before you buy one though, double check your stash of cords instead of dropping some unnecessary dough.

There are three simple steps to charging your disposable vape:

1. Unscrew the cap on the bottom of your disposable vape. This is the little gold or silver cap (depending on when you purchased your Disposable Vape) at the bottom of the device right below the “DRIP” logo.

2. Plug in the Micro USB male into the Disposable Vape device.

3. Plug the USB male into a USB port (such as a USB brick or a computer USB port) to start charging.

Some more tips about your Disposable Vape:

Charging time: It can take around 2 hours to fully charge your Disposable Vape.
Fully Charged: If your device is plugged in and the red light at the bottom of the device is off, it means that your device is fully charged.