Which Cannabis Strain is Right For You

First of all, what is a cannabis strain? How are they unique? Well, ever since it first originated, cannabis has traveled all around the world and is constantly cultivated and grown in different parts of the world. Over time, the plant has undergone physical and chemical changes, crossbreeding, and experimentations, resulting in what is called landrace strains. These landrace strains are different variations of cannabis, some have different flavors and potencies, and some have different purposes and profiles than others. So how do you know which cannabis strain might be right for you? Here are our top 5 factors in discovering which strains are best for you. 


It’s important to note that some strains of cannabis have different effects than others, and each person reacts differently to each strain. Are you looking for more of an intoxicating or relaxing effect? Some strains have different concentrations of THC and CBD that produce different desired effects. Make sure to do your research beforehand on what effects each strain can give you! If you’re not sure where to start, our “Find Your Strain” page is designed to help guide you through these variations. 

Flavor and aroma 

These can be important deciding factors when it comes to your personal preference! Each strain has a distinct terpene profile that produces subtle or intense flavors and aromas. Whichever one is most appealing to you should definitely be a deciding factor. 


Some cannabis strains can negatively or positively affect your mood and your lifestyle. If you are looking for something that will give you an extra boost in the mornings and keep you energized, you may opt for a sativa. Sativa hybrids like Pineapple Express and Blue Dream can help support a more active and energetic lifestyle. On the other hand, indica strains can make you more lethargic and mellow. Try an indica strain like Zkittlez or Berry White for a calm evening in.

Medicinal benefits

Different cannabis strains can contain various medicinal properties and be used to treat anxiety and depression, pain, insomnia, etc. Depending on the strains’ terpene profile or cannabinoid ratio, you could use that strain for medicinal purposes. Make sure to talk with your doctor about the potential benefits of cannabis for you.


Your budget should be the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to picking the right cannabis strain. Different strains come in at different price points so be sure to create an appropriate budget and stick to it before purchasing the strain you’d like. 

There really is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cannabis strain selection. You may find that the strains that other people like aren't for you (and vice versa)! With these five tips, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and choose what is best for you!

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