How Delta-8 Can Help You Get Through a Snowstorm

If you’re looking to maintain that calm before the storm effect throughout a snowstorm, then Delta-8 can help! You may be curious about Delta-8, but haven’t tried it yet. While researchers are still evaluating the science regarding Delta-8 THC and its product derivatives – one thing is clear: it can provide relief for various symptoms. In particular, this cannabinoid may help relieve stress, anxiety, nausea, pain, and insomnia, which is similar to the therapeutic effects of traditional cannabis.

It’s helpful to think of Delta-8 as a close, yet less potent cousin of Delta-9 THC (regular marijuana), meaning you can experience similar effects without a strong high, due to its milder psychoactive properties. As a cannabis extract, Delta-8 occurs in small quantities and is often produced from hemp. That means it’s legal at the federal level (with 0.3% regular THC content or less), but some states have yet to legalize Delta-8. It’s always best to verify local laws before buying Delta-8 products.

Delta-8 produces feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and happiness without intense psychoactive effects, making it perfect for times when you’re looking for a mild buzz. This is especially useful for snowstorms since they can cause individuals to be on edge.   

3 benefits of Delta-8 during storms

The unpleasant aspects of winter typically include driving in snowstorms, shoveling snow, transporting wood, and dealing with power outages at times. Severe snowstorms can cause stress, anxiety, and pain from cabin fever and snow removal activities.

With Delta-8 in your winter survival kit, you can weather any storm and enjoy a little fun in the snow too! Here are three benefits of Delta-8 that can help get you through snowstorms:

Pain Relief

During a snowstorm, you might be shoveling snow, or carrying wood inside for a fire, which can cause muscle aches and pain. Delta-8 is recognized as an analgesic that relieves discomfort, including sore muscles and joint pain. Study results revealed that 55% of participants using Delta-8 experienced a great deal of pain relief.  


With a pending storm threat, you may feel rushed to get home, run an errand, or go to the store before it starts snowing. Getting things done, especially if you have to drive in snowy conditions, is stressful and it’s hard to relax after that white-knuckle experience, once you arrive home. Delta-8 is ideal for relaxing your nerves and enhancing euphoria, so you can enjoy fun winter activities, like sipping hot cocoa or building a snowman.  

Decreased Anxiety

Advisories to stay off the roads and remain home can bring on a case of cabin fever during a snowstorm. You may feel anxious about being stuck inside and even worry about loved ones getting stuck out in the storm. The gentle effects of Delta-8 provide a mellow high and feelings of happiness that can calm your mind to help you keep things in perspective.  A survey study of Delta-8 users indicated that 51% of participants commonly use it for medical conditions, such as anxiety, pain, and depression.

If you want to brave the storm with Delta-8, it’s available in many forms, including: flower, edibles, capsules, vape cartridges, oils, and tinctures. Our Delta-8 THC product selection at DRIP Cannabinoids is high-quality and made with the finest ingredients. To learn more and find what’s right for you, please contact us and we’ll happily assist you.  

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