Ceramic vs. Metal Cartridges: 3 Reasons You Should Switch to Ceramic Cartridges

Part of The DRIP Difference is our commitment to providing the most pure and organic experience possible. When it comes to your vaping products, we have chosen to use ceramic cartridges to improve safety, taste, and quality. As regulation continues to increase within the cannabis industry, metal cartridges have failed to pass compliance testing. Premium ceramic cartridges, however, are free of toxins and considered dental-grade.

3 reasons you should switch to ceramic cartridges

Consistency. Vaping from a ceramic tank provides more consistency when heating the oil. As a result, the oil lasts longer without compromising the amount of vapor produced with each puff. Metal cartridges will heat faster than ceramic, but ceramic has better heat retention.

Taste. Metal tanks heat more quickly because of its cotton component, but this can also lead to a burnt taste. Depending on the quality of the metal, it could also contain materials that can contaminate the oil and alter the taste. In contrast, ceramic’s porous composition creates better absorption and improved taste.

Color. Having a ceramic tank is comparison to a metal tank, allows you to see the purity of the oil better. With the white background you are able to see the true color of the distillate. All oils will oxidize over time, however the metals will quicken the oxidation time, and make your oil look much darker, quicker with a metal cartridge.

What's next?

As health concerns surrounding vaping increases in our community, vaping research will continue to grow and develop. In the meantime, ceramic vaping has proven drastically better for your body and lungs. We can't emphasize enough the importance of our responsibility to find the safest methods of production and consumption. We want our customers to experience the benefits of our products without the worry of negative impacts. 

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